Fall Season

Looks like the snowbird season is here. There is one major problem there is way too many cars and no carriers why? It is called Houston Tx with over 1 million cars that need to be taken away i.e flood damage etc guess what they have to be replaced. Therefore, carriers are all over that because the pay is good both ways. If you don’t have steady customers going down to Florida it is a no brainer because there is nothing coming out of Florida it is  so cheap will pay for your fuel and that is about it almost at the point to come back empty. There are so many cars heading south as these brokers can’t move cars because they have no trucks so cars will be sitting. The carriers that are doing snowbirds now have there regular customers so they are full or can take maybe 1 or 2 each trip. Looks like it will go well into Oct as I was talking with a carrier today doing Houston and he is heading back there with both his trucks. I guess time will tell but the prices going down to Florida are going to be alot higher the next 3 or 4 weeks.