Snowbird Season

As the season is in full swing  i have received a few phone calls from new customers looking to move there car to Florida. In talking with them they all mention they got lower quotes from this online brokers and there is ton of them. I was 100-200 prices high in some cases. What i don’t understand is why customers alway thnk the lower price will move their car. It is not even that they are dealing with some broker they have never met or know anything about this person just the liars they probably told them. i.e have trucks in area/we have a fleet of 12 trucks/The pick up date/timne is no problem and so on. The broker is just that once your car is picked up you will have no contact with them if there damage take my word you won’t hear from him, or time to pick up and no carrier shows up he will not return call or will be out of office happens all the time

You will meet me on all pick ups in New England and my office in Worcester, Mass been there for 15 years, so to save a few hundred bucks is it worth it? Answer the questions above and say to yourself is it worth it?