Is the Internet good or bad for the transport industry

As i begin my 15th year in the auto transport industry I received a call the other day from a broker who has been in business 30 years and he was putting on a driver to help with is snowbirds. In talking with him he mention the internet has killed the business when he was driving up and down the east coast most of his customers came from referrals and good old advertising in the paper. The internet has killed the rates as the fly by night brokers post prices that are not even worth getting out of bed for.  Customer get these quotes and take it having no idea their car will never get picked up.  Don’t get me wrong the internet has help the customer as some brokers charge crazy money and list it for about 30% of what they are making keep 70% like in the winter months coming out of florida customer know they prices are low by just reading the internet and truckers need to by fuel just to get back to get a load.  This has caused companies to go out of business or just say the hell with snowbirds.


I think it has done more bad then good as some poor customer get stood up by brokers and their car never gets picked up like I had one this week broker stop answering the phone and the couple was already in florida. It came to me by a good old fashion referral.  I get calls from customer saying they got quotes for alot less know I just tell them good luck. When I e-mail them my quote I give them this blog section to read to help them make I hope a wise decision. What gets me is most brokers has no idea what is cost to run a business fuel alone is 3.50 gallon down south/insurance will run you 15-20 a year for a 9 car carrier the list goes on.

A lot of these broker are sitting in a big office in florida just trying to get their commission once they get a carrier they are usually out of the picture.