Overwhelming Amount Of Quotes.

I  received an overwhelming amount of quotes, How should I choose who to  use?

A: The  time it takes for us to schedule the pickup of your vehicle depends on the price   you pay. We can match any price you find, but in doing so, you will be waiting  quite a while for a pickup. We understand the attraction of a very cheap quote,   but you must be prepared to be very patient for a pickup if you do decide to  have NewEnglandtoFlorida.com go below the average cost to obtain a driver for you. If you are   in no hurry for the transport (such as an extra vehicle) and are looking for a   great deal, then sure we can submit your order at a discount and wait for a   driver to schedule you in. If you do have a schedule that needs to be met  though, then you really must consider avoiding the cheapest quotes and pay the   average price on a route to ensure a driver is scheduled to pick up your  vehicle. In this industry, cheap quotes really do not produce drivers, and   customers only realize this weeks after waiting and waiting, only to then be  charged large cancellation fees from shady and dishonest companies.

There is 9-10 auto broker bidding for your business so they are going to try and get you the lowest quote, but not actually the best quote to have your vehicle picked up.