The Broker Fee and Carriers During High Traffic Times

As we enter the Holiday season I just want customers to be aware of a few things.  When the broker gives you a price off the internet it is usually a low one just in line with other brokers as they all go against each other. They posted it on say for 650.00 and they are charging you 850.00 so they keep 200.00 dollars. During high times like right now cars are gong for 750 or higher. therefore, a carrier calls broker tells him he wants 800 as there are tons of cars and carriers have the pick of the litter. Broker agrees to pay 800 to carrier and their contract is 800.00 dollars. Your contract is 850 with broker so broker going to make 50.00 dollars. You think he is only going to make 50 dollars think again.

He charged your credit card 200.00 dollars already or once the car was picked up.

You are suppose to have a bank check or cash made out to xyz company for 650.00 once it is dropped off. However, this is were it gets fun. The carrier calls your tells you he needs a bank check or cash for 800.00 dollars and you say 650.00 carrier says if you want your car as my contract has it for 800.00 dollars. What are you going to do now.  The broker is no where to be seen or heard from. You need your car asap. You cave into the carrier demands and you are pissed off. You call broker and they never get back to you. A chargeback on credit card but that takes forever. At this point you spent 1000 on the transport and you are very mad.

If you contact me I do not posted on this centraldispatch board it will be on my truck or another 3rd party carrier that I use. I handle all the money and if there is a problem you just call me. Its not that hard but customers would rather try and save 100-150 dollars and transport  the car as I mention above.