Auto Transport Quotes

I get calls all the time for shipping quotes. Most people just want to hear the price and nothing else. My quotes are giving to be picked up 1-7 days and also have a 1-4-day and 1-2 which cost more. These quotes take time and I tell people to go to my websites to get exact quotes. If you can’t do that then I usually don’t even bother calling them back. No one know prices off the top of their head unless they are a carrier and run the route all year around like I do to Florida. Most brokers will tell you what you want to hear and the quote is never going to move the vehicle, or you go to one of those websites and then you get 10 quotes and have no idea which ones are good.

The quotes I give are put into a paid computer system and give the most accurate data I feel that is out there. Only one time I missed the 1-7 pick up day and had to pay money out of my pocket as I NEVER GO BACK TO THE CUSTOMER AND ASK FOR MORE MONEY.

Quotes are very hard to estimate and a lot goes into it just saying a number off the top of your head is usually not a good sign. If a broker can do it without looking at data he wouldn’t be working in the auto transport business as he would be on Wall street just be careful on some of the quotes you get.