Transport Quotes/Leads How It Works

A lot of broker buy leads and end up fighting against  9 other brokers and I don’t low ball quotes or liar to my customers so this idea doesn’t work for me. The amount of vehicles on the  board varies at times. The problem is companies post loads without having a sign contract so when you call they always have to check with the customer and you never heard back from the broker because they don’t have the load, or sometimes they post the load at a higher price then the customer is willing to pay just to get calls and maybe get the load from the customer the problem is both of there are against policy but very hard to prove so tons of companies are doing it. That is why using one of the transport quote pages is sometimes not good (YOU ARE GIVING OUT YOUR E-MAIL AND PHONE NUMBER). Sometime there is 3 brokers posting the same load and a lot of carriers don’t even bother with it because he doesn’t  know who has the real load as a lot of brokers will liar to you. The carrier goes to location no car or calls and the car is already gone.

Today, it happen I got a lead and looked it up on and see if it is posted (yes it was), so I call the customer because I have her number ask her about the car. I mention to her that the car is posted and see if a contract has been signed.  She explains to me she has not done anything with anyone. I gave her the name of the company and she tells me that they only talked about shipping her vehicle that same day but no contract or credit card was given. I took a picture of the posted load and e-mail it to her. She calls the company and ask them what’s going on. I look back on and the load posted is gone. Remember these are sales people sitting in a South Florida room with about 10-15 other salespeople working the phones all day trying to get your order. THEY WORK ON COMMISSION ONLY SO NO ORDERS NO PAY(on orders that get dispatched)

Also, if you get an e-mail saying “we have trucks in your area) run the other way as fast as you can. These are brokers and they have no trucks. These brokers buy hundred of leads a day so there is not that many trucks in the U.S to be everywhere in the area it is a liar right there before you even get started.

I don’t work on commission so if I don’t get the order so be it. I had two cancel last week on me. They were flying in on Dec 9th in the morning and wanted there car Dec 9t in the afternoon. I told the customer it is possible but can’t guarantee it. She was afraid she wouldn’t be able to get something to eat. I told here I would try my best. She kept on saying Dec 9th and finally I told here I’m not interested in the order and please find someone else. If a customer can’t have a little patience I’m not the company for them. The second one wanted me to guarantee it would be there Dec 2 or 3 in Tampa, Florida. I told them I can’t guarantee it in this business and no one can, so they cancelled the order on me. I would rather be truthful and not liar to the customer and get bad reviews for me it isn’t worth it. I will be honest and straightforward from the time you talk to me.