Bait and Switch

As we head into the snowbird season watch out for the following. It is called a Bait and Switch and this is how it works. Brokers all fight to get customers. They usually buy leads as customers put their information into a website site and you get about 8-10 different brokers calling/e-mailing texting you they will try anything  to get your business. Here is the problem as they are fighting against each other they end up getting in a quote war against other broker. Therefore, before you know it they are at 600.00 to move a car from Mass to Florida and no carrier is going to take that price. In addition they need to take their broker fee say around 100.00 dollars they are not going to do all this work and get nothing. They posted it on and no carrier calls on it because it is to low or carrier tells them they want 700.00 and broker is in trouble now. They have to call the customer back and tell them 800.00 remember they need to get their broker fee or they get nothing They tell you the price and remember it is a day before or after they tell you this. What are you going to do now. Cancel on them and start all over again not going to happen you bite the bullet and take the increase. The other option the broker stops taking your calls or disappears because they can’t find a carrier and guess what you are starting all over again now.

It very simple the high paying cars get picked up and the low ones sit. With the number of carriers going out of business because of the new elog or no longer going over the road because of the elog.  If you get a low price it is not going to move it is that simple BROKERS CAN’T MOVE VEHICLES THEY HAVE NO TRUCKS. I tell my customer the price and don’t price match as customers tell me all the time I got a lower price etc i tell them good luck take it.


So this season please be careful the number of cars going down is way more then the number of carrier plain and simple.