Upcoming season

As the summer comes to end the snowbirds will be heading south again. The season looks to be very interesting as prices will likely be higher due to the elog  that is starting to show after about 8 months. Actually as I write this today August 10th the price have started to climb. I was guessing about the first week in Sept it would start going up. Alot of companies have gone out of business or decided on another route because there is no freight coming up to the northeast prices  are going lower as broker now the season is about to start.

Please remember if you use a broker they will posted it on centradispatch and the first carrier that calls they will dispatch to. Not everyone on centraldispatch has the proper insurance as centraldispatch does not verify any of that it is up to the broker. Therefore, some broker don’t check insurance and dispatch the load they get their broker fee and that is all they care about. Believe me there are alot of carriers without insurance so just be careful.