Carriers Insurance

As everyone is getting ready to make the trip home this spring a couple of things to keep in mind. The quotes you are getting are mostly from Brokers. All they do is posted in on a board and wait for a carrier to call to take it. Brokers just work on broker fee which means they take their fee from your credit card. Therefore, once the car is in the carriers hands you will be dealing with him. During the past year or so the rates for carriers (in Florida) have gone through the roof as there has been alot of funny business going on. A lot of carriers are running without no insurance. They can no longer afford the insurance but still have the truck and equipment, so they still run at night or avoid all the weight stations on the way up. Remember they have invested alot in the truck and still have to make a living so what choice do they have let it sit and make payments not going to happen. Please be careful most brokers really don’t care and what are you going to do if there is a problem just play phone tag with them.  You will be on your own.