Dog Days Of Summer

I hope everyone is enjoying the summer. Just got back from Macro Island for summer vacation with the family. I can see why everyone comes back for the summer:)

I will be sending out my e-mail list for this upcoming season to all my regular customers. If you are thinking about shipping this year make sure you do your research on the company you choose. Check them on the BBB, google them the brokers will tell you anything to get your business. Remember brokers can tell you a price but the car may never get picked up it happen ALOT last spring.


I tell customer just do your homework. With me I will be picking up your car and meeting you in person. However, if you are a good distance from me I will have to broker it out or meet me halfway. For me to go to Rutland, Vermont from Worcester, mass just isn’t worth the time just for 1 car and I will be straight up with you on it. Enjoy the rest of the summer and talk to you in the fall.