Fall/Winter Season 2020

As we enter the 2020 season for customers heading south for the winter a couple of things. The last 5 months with Covid 19 has been a change for everyone in business and for everyone in general.  Usually around this time I start getting calls for students going to college in Florida which I started getting this week. Brokers can’t move cars it is that simple. They can give you a quote but have no trucks so if it is low will never get picked up which happen twice this week with students trying to get to florida. This is why I don’t price match with companies because the quotes are bogus and are never going to be moved unless they tell you they need more money and this is a bait and switch lower quote beginning and last minute tell you price is going up 200. Happens all the time in this business so don’t fall for it.

Spring Season 2020

As we all adjust to Covid-19 right now things are changing everywhere. may used to be the busy month but this year it is June. It looks like things are starting to open up and airlines are flying again. In addition, the number of cars on centraldispatch (auto hauler website) has increase a lot the last few weeks. Your car is probably your biggest investment after your house so I can’t understand why people go with a cheaper quote with someone they don’t know and trust. The broker is probably working out of his basement just posting the load on central dispatch waiting for a carrier to call and give it to the first carrier that calls  not knowing him/her at all. Something probably won’t happen but take my word for it sooner or later it will and you will be left with paying more money, fixing damages yourself and not being able to get in touch with some one. If you go with someone you know American Transport as I have an office right in Worcester, Mass and I pick up all my cars in the fall/winter and drop off in the spring. If there is a problem you contact me directly so no playing phone tag/getting the run around and so on. Why not go with the tried and true who have been doing it for over 12 years. Give Jim a call.

This Is Why You Us A Local Carrier/Broker meet them first

Here is what can happen in this business. You can come and meet me anytime at my office 21 Eskow Road Worcester,Mass. Sometimes vehicles will be late due to truck problems other issued snowstorm, traffic, accident etc. BUT THE FOLLOWING WILL NEVER HAPPEN.


Do not use Jim Ford trucking under any circumstances. I paid him $1750 cash up front to get my car shipped. He was supposed to pay $1500 to the drivers when they picked up my vehicle. The drivers later told me that nobody ( Jim) was present when they picked up my car, so they weren’t paid. He had just parked it at some other location. The transport company was B-line Trucking, Russian owned and operated. 18 days
(a week late) I get a call from B-line Trucking in Vancouver, WA; A guy named Roman Netesov, who says I must pay them $1500 cash or they will hold my car and refuse to deliver. Additionally he said that he would charge me storage at a high daily rate and then if I refused he would drive it back to PA. I contacted Jim Ford and he said it was just a paperwork mixup. He said he would refund me the $1500 that he had not paid the drivers, and That I could pay them the $1500 ransom they were demanding and that the check to me would go in the mail as soon as I had paid the drivers. So I paid the drivers and now after repeated promises to pay me, it is now 11/9 and I have not been paid and Mr Ford will not answer my messages to his phone. I have been defrauded out of $1500 and the police say its just a civil matter and refuse to get involved.
Jim is a smooth talker and a liar and a crook. He has set up an elaborate trap for the innocent consumer!! He is probably very closely allied to the driving company and they both claim to be innocent even though he was supposed to pay the drivers up front and the drivers hold a contract which clearly states that Jim Ford was supposed to pay them C.O.D. ( not the car owner) I will be notifying the FBI, Police and three different state Attorney Generals’ office in the coming days, as well as filing a complaint with the district magistrate. These government agencies will likely do very little but its all I have left.



Why Use An Auto Terminal?

There are several reason to use a terminal. Mostly for snowbird customers going to and from Florida from New England. Newenglandtoflorida.com website for American Transport has 9 terminals in Florida and 1 terminal in Massachusetts home base.

City in Massachusetts – Worcester

The cities I have in Florida:

West Palm Beach, Port St. Lucie, Fort Lauderdale, Miami, Naples, Ft Myers, Sarasota, Port Charlotte,  Tampa and Orlando.

Why are terminals important for snowbirds usually they have two cars. They drop one off at my terminal in Worcester, Mass a week or 2 before they are flying down. The car is shipped down to the terminal that you choose. When you get off the airplane you can take a taxi to the location, have a friend  pick you up or I can arrange to have you picked up.

The same can be done coming back.

Transporting  vehicles takes time and there are several delays that can happen. Trucks do not leave empty must be filled to make money, truck breaks down, overweight must fix load at weight station, have other stops along the way, traffic on I 95 can be crazy so you can see there is a lot. Remember this is 1500 miles not going right around the corner, so a lot IS involved with this transport.

Choosing Between an Auto Transport Broker vs. an Auto Transport Carrier (American Transport is both a Carrier/Broker)

auto broker American Transport


Plainly put, car shipping is a big deal. Placing your valuable vehicle in the hands of perfect strangers can be a bit nerve racking by itself. Most often, however, there is also some other event taking place when an auto transport company is hired. When you’re focused on relocating due to a new job, buying that new car, retiring to the city of your dreams or finally buying that classic car you’ve drooled over since high school, you want to know for sure your car will be moved with the highest level of care and at the best price. That’s why choosing between a broker and a carrier can be extremely important.

Core Differences in Auto Transport Companies

The basics are the same regardless of which type of auto transport company you choose. Your car will get shipped from point A to point B. But that’s generally where the similarities end. From there you find a list of pros and cons that can help you make a decision on whether to use a broker or carrier.

Let’s define those terms to start with. In the car shipping industry, a broker is a company that resells your job. For instance, when you call a broker, they will charge you a fee for shipping your car. However, they will not actually perform the shipping themselves. They will call several carriers and sell your car shipping job to them. After the job is passed on to the carrier, the broker steps out of the picture.

A carrier, on the other hand, actually takes your car from destination A to destination B. Think of it as going straight to a wholesaler when you’re buying furniture or jewelry. Rather than going to a retail store when you buy these items, you cut out the middleman and buy them for a better price direct from the wholesaler. In the same way, rather than using a broker, you have the option of contacting carriers directly.

Pros and Cons of Choosing Either an Auto Transport Carrier or an Auto Transport Broker


The biggest benefit of using a broker for car shipping is selection. A broker may either have a pre-approved list of carriers or may post the vehicle online for any carrier to select. When using a carrier, you would be responsible or contacting each one individually which might take a bit of time. However, there are other factors at play when shipping a car.

Fees and Cancellations

Brokers attempt to source carriers at rates below what they have quoted in order to make a profit. That’s how they stay in business. You will be expected to pay a deposit, which is generally nonrefundable. The carrier will collect the balance of the transportation costs when the vehicle is delivered through cash or certified funds only. Many will also allow you to cancel your order at anytime prior to pick-up with a 100% refund. To be sure, always ask first!

Guaranteed Pick-Up

Because brokers don’t have full control over every carrier they use, they can’t guarantee when your car will be picked up. When comparing transit time you need to be careful to make an apples-to-apples comparison. A brokered move may have a shorter transit time from pick up to delivery but it may take more days to get the vehicle picked up. Make sure that you include all of the days in any comparison.

Door-to-Door Service

Depending on the carrier, the size of their truck, or the entry into your neighborhood, you might be asked to meet the driver at a nearby shopping center or other landmark for delivery. This is due to their inability to take big equipment into an area that is difficult to maneuver. Unfortunately, brokers cannot always assess the carrier’s ability to take your vehicle directly to your door. Again, never assume. Ask the broker or auto transport carrier what their policies are to be sure.

As you can see, there are big differences between auto transport brokers and auto transport carriers that go beyond price. Before you sign any contracts or releases, make sure you are dealing with the type of company you prefer and, to ensure the safety of your car and a flawless transaction, check out each company thoroughly before making your decision.

Is hiring an auto transport company cost effective?

Hiring an auto transport company going to be cost effective.

It can take several days to drive across the country. That means staying in a hotel and paying for meals and of course gas and oil. There’s also the wear and tear on each car driven including the brakes and engine. Tolls on interstate highways are getting more expensive each year. Locals have the computerized passes that let them zip through, while outsiders have to patiently sit in the long line to pay their toll.

There’s also the possibility of costly speeding tickets. On the very depressing side, a family might start to think about the possibility of a car accident and the injuries it would involve. At this point in the thought process, paying car shipping rates becomes a more attractive idea.cost effective auto shipping