I get this question all the time why is your price higher then the other quotes, Very simple brokers will low ball you with a quote.THEY CAN NOT MOVE VEHICLES. 3 things will happen  with low quotes.   1) The car will sit and never get picked up. The broker will call and say the truck is broken down or some other excuse. The truth is they can’t find anyone. 2) The broker will call you saying they need more money. Bait and switch. Brokers work on commission so there is no salary they have to close as many deals as possible to be able make it. Do you really think a carrier is going to move a car from Florida to Mass or visa versa for 450 dollars. No way not in a million years if so that carrier will be out of business in a year or two. Fuel $4.10/insurance about 10-12k a year/ pay driver 25% of load and these trucks are not cheap to fix. The driver is better off not taking it they are wasting a day trying to get it. He can go from florida to North Carolina for 450. Drop that car off get another going to New England for 450. etc. 3) You may get lucky and get a driver that has one spot open and needs to fill it but that is about a 10-15% chance, Get the companies M/C number you can look it up just follow the front page of this website or just ask them for it. Don’t get me wrong there are some good brokers but ALOT of them are scumbags and just want the order and are  praying someone picks it up for the low amount.


These Auto Broker work on commission so they try and get as man orders as possible hoping a carrier will take it. If not will do a bait and switch and call you to increase the price. In this business most broker have no idea how the business works and hoping to get their 35% cut on a 150 dollar broker fee. I do not work on commission, therefore, I have no interest in low balling customers. I tell you the price what I feel will move it. Just check my ratings on the BBB and it tells the story.