Why I Don’t Price Match With other Companies

This pass week I received 2 calls looking to price match 2 quotes I gave these customers. First I will not do it just because they got that price doesn’t mean the vehicle will move. I still don’t get why people trust these quotes and the people they are talking to are only salespeople they have no experience owning trucks, driving what is involved etc. They are just there to sell. They get the customer at the low price and sign a contract. If you read the contract if you cancel there is a fee or if the vehicle is dispatched to a driver  and you cancel there is a fee. Some companies just use another  phone number and some company name and if you call the call someone in the office will act as a driver telling you they  are on their way but really they are not. The driver never shows up you cancel and get a charge on your credit card. Yes this does happen believe me. Someone in florida is going to be in trouble next week as they have a flight. The vehicle is in western, mass a hard location no carrier is going to take the load and waste 4 hours for 1 vehicle but I didn’t tell the customer and gave them a option to come to my terminal and get it at a price that was higher but they will get their vehicle.

In addition this time of year snowbird season hasn’t started yet so the number of carriers doing the florida runs are very few.