The quotes I get from companies are 50-400 apart why?

I get this question all the time. Instead of spending 15 minutes on the phone trying to explain it I decided to write a post on it. Why do the quotes vary so much. There are good brokers out there that want to get car s moved for a fair price and quote what they think will move it. That is what American Transport does and always will do. Then there are other companies that do low ball quotes. The contract they send you in fine print you have to look there is a clause that states the following if you cancel your contract there is a 50 dollar fee or whatever  it is charged to your credit card, so the broker makes their money and knows the price they gave you will never move the vehicle. They baited you in with the low price. Another thing may happen called a bait and switch a carrier will call saying they want another 150 dollars to move the vehicle. The broker is not going to give up their broker fee so they call you back and tell you to move the car you have to pay this amount. If it close to the date you have an option on what to do pay or find another broker and go through the whole process again. Most carriers only look a day or 2 out because so much is involved with moving a car.

To be honest if you cancel with me  there is no fee. However, if i have a carrier is assigned and you cancel there is a 125.00 fee. This is because i put my time and searched for a carrier for you and my time was involved setting it all up. I don’t work for free. I will show you the print out date/time when a carrier was assigned. A lot of companies say they assigned a carrier  but really they didn’t and charged you a fee.


Most of the brokers that charge a fee to cancel are out of business in a year or 2 anyways because people get mad and do a chargeback on their credit card  and credit card companies don’t like too many of those and end up cancelling the broker’s acct.