I Get This Question Everyday.

I get calls from customer asking for transport quote. Today I got a call looking to ship there car from the South Shore Hanover, Mass to Florida daughter was going to school. I gave them a price of 800 which I know I can do if not me I can broker it out but it will get move. The customer replies we got a quote of 575 to move it. How did she get a quote so low she went to one of those websites and put in her information and next thing you know she got 8 quotes ranging from 550-850. Of course everyone takes the lowest one. I hate these websites it gives the customer  the idea a car will get moved for that price. These sales/brokers people all work on commission and will tell you anything to get an order they are fighting against each other to get an order. Little do these customer know that BROKERS have no control if a car gets picked up. They are hoping it does if not they do not get paid.

In addition, your car will sit for days or weeks and be stress out. The quote I give you will be an honest quote. I do not work on commission so no need to lower my price. I will let the customer find out for themselves but give them fair warning on what will happen.

Things to remember. Never give a broker your credit card until they find a carrier. Signing a contract is ok as long as they don’t have your credit card let them find someone first.

Just do your research it takes a couple of minutes on each company to find out if they are good or bad.