Bait and Switch

I have been in the transport industry almost 10 years as a carrier and broker. Today I talked with a customer not transport but I have a rubbish business and went to get trash at their house. Anyways, these people were moving from Worcester, Mass to Jacksonville, FL. They went online as most people do to one of these transport quote pages and got a quote. Most people have no idea how it works these transport websites. (Read my other blog on this).

So the customer got a quote for 500 or dollars probably by 3 or 4 companies a salesperson WORKING ON COMMISSION) tells them no problem  we can get your car moved for that price we always have trucks in the area. As the time gets near the broker can’t find anyone for this price, so he/she calls the customer up and tells them we can’t move it. The customer is now in a jam plus the additional stress of moving(I hate moving myself so I know how it is) the broker tells the customer it will be another 200/250 dollars or so to move vehicle. The customer hands are tied they can either drive, find another broker (who can you trust after this) or give them the extra money of course you are going to give the money because they are already set with plane tickets, plans etc.  The broker could have given up their commission to get the vehicle moved but they are not going to work for nothing so they make the call

The broker gets them in at a low price (Bait and Switch) most brokers know how much it cost to move a vehicle at well travel roads like this one. If you have a contract with them I would be very upset with the company and would let them know. Here is what you can do. AFTER THE CAR IS DELIVERY NOT BEFORE GO to and the and file a complaint. What this company did was wrong and very deceit full to you.

I will always give you the price that I think will move and if I have to loss my broker fee I will.

*** If you are transporting a vehicle to a location i.e North Dakota  that is not well travel then a carrier may call looking for more money very hard to quote these location. These moves are very hard to do have to catch a carrier going that way.