Snowbird Season

Yes snowbird season is in full swing. It started right around Easter time. The weather is finally starting to get better up here in New England  and yes you snowbirds missed one of the worst winters I can remember very cold and ALOT of snow. Like I tell all my customer this is a very busy time and you have to have a little bit of  patience because it takes awhile to get cars loaded and moved.  Your car will get moved it just might not be on the exact date/time you want but it will get moved.

This takes me to my main point. This happen last week twice and it will happen yo you if not careful. A couple of customers booked with a broker promise a pick up time at a very good price. The price was around 625 to move their vehicle to Mass. Actually one of the customer I spoke to before they called me again and I told them I couldn’t beat that price and I don’t price match. Long and behold the car never got picked up and the broker wasn’t answering the phone or taking calls. The reason no carrier to take that vehicle for the price they posted. They quoted 625 probably going to take a 125-150 broker fee so price is posted for 500 dollars. No carrier is going to take that vehicle for that amount when there are vehicle going north for 700-800 dollars would you and plus it was an SUV., so the vehicle sat and the customer had to get the vehicle to a friends house because they had to catch a flight. It is very simple supply and demand a lot more vehicle then carriers. That is why you can’t always take the lowest price because this will happen.

I’m not saying everything goes great when you have a carrier in place but your car will get moved. Also, I have bout 10 terminal I use in Florida so if I can’t get to your vehicle you can drop it off at one of my terminals. You can view them on this website go to home page and put your cursor over the home tab don’t click just put it on it and do down and auto transport terminals tab comes on and click it.

Just drop your vehicle there it will save you a lot of time and headaches. There is no extra charge actually it cost me money to use these terminals. Truck break down, traffic, inspection etc there is a lot involved  with getting a car loaded. If I had it my way I would use a terminal all the time.