Don’t Trust Some Auto Broker’s

Snowbird season is almost coming to an end. My last couple customer come back first week of June. The last few week prices are jumped alot over 800 dollars for a 4 door sedan to Mass. The problem is there are alot more snowbird cars then trucks in a short amount of time. I gain a couple more customer this year after getting calls from customer as Broker’s have left them high and dry. No pick up, no call backs and the list go on. I might not be able to get to your car but I have approx 14 Terminals you can leave your vehicle at so your car will get back to New England. Brokers can’t move cars it is that simply they will tell you everything you want to hear but the bottem line they don’t have trucks.


This what will happen they will take your order posted it on for all the carrier to see very few brokers have carriers in their back pocket to go to because they don’t have a steady stream of customers for a certain route. On the other hand I do so i use 2 companies besides myself so my loads never get posted on


The problem any carrier can call on the load and most broker go with the first company that calls. This could be anyone and they should verify there insurance but most don’t as they just want there broker fee. I don’t have to get into detail but is there is damage to vehicle and the carrier is from Arizona good luck trying to fix your vehicle or get money for it. You are not going to court for 1,000 dollars it would cost you more for attorney fees and travel.


Also, YOU HAVE THE RIGHT to ask brokers what their fee is. The average broker fee should be from 75-200 dollars anymore then that the carrier is getting less and might not move the vehicle. They just do a couple of keyboard entry and assign it to a carrier. The carriers do all the work. Don’t be afraid to ask broker what the fee is.

Hope this helps.