Snowbird Season and Carrier’s Insurance

Yes, snowbird season is here stated in late September. My customers are heading down to be the nice cold winters up here. A couple of things remember delivery times are not guaranteed in this business a lot can happen going south truck break down, customer cancel needs to find more cars, traffic, weather and the list goes on. Please have a little patience as these things take time. Also, carriers have to carry both auto liability and cargo insurance auto is 750-1 million per fmcsa and cargo from 100k smaller trucks to 500k to bigger trucks. They have a deductible ranging from 500-2000 dollars. What this means if there is minor damage say 500 dollars and the carrier deductible is 2000 the insurance company will not cover it so the carrier has to pay out of pocket. 98% of the time the carrier will take care of it. However, if not there is a process that I will do as I will need all the paperwork, Bill of lading, pictures statement on what happen etc and I will go after them. The process will result in a fine  (if found guilty) with them and also their insurance company will be notified and can result in cancelling their insurance and also paying the damage claim so it is in their best interest to pay. I will file the report. This is why you want to use a local broker/carrier so you can fall back on. It you go with a carrier direct and their is damage and carrier decided not to pay are you going to travel 1200 miles for a 500 small claims court claim probably not, so if carrier gives you a cheaper price always remember what can happen. This doesn’t happen all the time but if does occur and you need to be ready. thanks Jim