Feels like Summer

Yes we are getting a heat wave this first week in Sept 2015. Looks like prices are heading north right now. There are 285 cars within the next 3 days heading from New England to Florida. What does that mean only the highest price one will get picked up. I usually start my snowbird prices in Oct 1st but the way thing are looking and the number of cars to move I will have to increase my prices to snowbird rates right now. The problem is the number of trucks on the road are few a lot off drivers have given up the New England route as they do not want to go over the bridges in New York and pay the extra tolls/bridges as you can almost get the same money in New Jersey and save 3-4 hours of time. By the look of things my snowbird prices for the fall are as follows of course all these are approx

4 door sedan drop at terminal 875/pick up 925

regular size SUV drop at terminal 900 and pick up 950

this is all within 1 hours of my office in Worcester, Mass

Anything further or bigger will be price by me and the computer


Again, always watch those Brokers most of them have no idea what the market is calling for and your car could be sitting.


Hope anyone has a great fall and football season is here. Go Pats