Snowbird Season Fall 2017 and New Rules

I have not posted for awhile as I have been enjoying my summer with the family. Took a nice trip to Macro Island, Fl to relax but told myself once i get back to stat posting again as customer need as much info as possible to pick the best car shipper.

As we start the season one major change coming. Truckers will have to stop after 11 hours of driving. No more 16-18 hours a day that most of them did to make money. The bottom line a lot of small companies will be going out of business. You can read more here

A new rule starting Dec 18th all commercial trucks must have electronic logs which means driver can only drive 11 hours a day and then stop for the day.
The bottom line is it may take a little longer to get your vehicle so please plan for it remember delivery can sometimes be delayed for several reason
In addition, Florida auto insurance rates for truckers have gone up because they were giving out CDL license without any school and everyone was getting them, so please keep that in mine if you decide to use a broker remember the first company that calls for your load it could be one of those drivers.
My prices will be as follows door to terminal and door to door. I will not price match the price I give you is final. My insurance has also increased. There will be less carriers this year and I can see lot of customers not getting their car picked up because broker price it to low. Please keep that in mind if you go to a broker.