Snowbird Season Almost Here

When the cold weather  starts to drop the snowbirds start thinking about heading South. As the seasons starts a couple of things to keep in mind. When setting up an order with me you will have 2 choices door to terminal and door to door. The prices I give you will move your vehicle  in an estimated 4-8 days. However, this doesn’t include snowstorms/holidays dates/break downs etc. I don’t price match with other companies sorry. Some customers have to realize what is involved in moving your car to Florida. The average cost for a tractor/7 car carrier runs about 15k-20k for insurance plus add in fuel/driver pay/break downs etc as you can see it cost a lot of money to run these trucks. Also, there is not much freight coming out of florida so a lot of carriers have to stop in other states to get loaded empty trailer means no money, so this takes a good amount of time. Each car has to be postion right because of  weight station each axle has to be approved weight. That is why trucks and/SUV are more money to move. Drivers can only drive so many hours a week  A lot of carriers are getting out of the business because of the cost to run a truck so it all adds up

The door to terminal is cheaper as the carrier don’t have to spend time meeting customers/picking a spot to meet/driver gets behind schedule causes customer to get mad it happens a lot remember 1500 miles they are traveling  just to go over the George Washington/Tappan Zee bridge in New York can be a nighmare during the day heavy traffic and at nighttime construction on the Tappan Zee bridge and the G.W. bridge upper level down to 1 lane. I took the G.W. bridge last week took me 2 hours to move 1 mile because of traffic. Therefore, alot of carrier are stopping in New Jersey only to get loads and not coming to New England to deal with the headaches of the bridges. The bottom line only the high price vehicle will get moved this snowbird season. As always it is supply/demand a lot of cars the high price one get moved that simple

On the west coast of Florida there is a lot of low hanging trees so if your vehicle is on the top level you know what can happen. Therefore, the door to door service the vehicle will be dropped at terminal and a 2 car carrier and or flatbed will bring your car to your door. No need to meet a 9-10 car carrier mile from the house. I have a list of terminals on my website  The terminal will call you when your car comes in to pick up or schedule a time for drop off.

In years past I price to what I think will move the vehicles alot of brokers have no idea what is involved and give you a low price and your car sits and it because a nightmare I have post post/blog regarding this so read it.


Please have a little patience this year and I always work hard to get your vehicle moved.