Snowbirds 2017/2018

The 2017/2018 wave of snowbird is just about over. I saw alot take place during the last couple of months. The major one was the ELD for truck drivers read below happen Dec 18th

A new rule starting Dec 18th 2017 all commerical trucks must have electronic logs which means drivers can only drive 11 hours a day and driver must stop driving.
Here is the link if you want more info on it


In addition, alot of auto carriers are no longer doing the snowbirds as there is no freight coming out of Florida as the broker know they can post a car around 300-3500 dollars and hoping someone takes it. Alot companies are saying no way and not doing the route. However, there are companies like mine that have a list of snowbirds that need to get them down there so have no other choice to take one or 2 of these cars but doing 8 -9 of them at that price no way cost about 1k for fuel and tolls are around 300 dollars so companies are saying forget it.

So this takes me to the spring season as there is only 2.5 months everyone is trying to get home. The new law ELD will really be tested now as it had some time to come into play.

If you are using a broker be REALLY CAREFUL as most carriers already have full loads and will only pick the highest prices if they need to fill a spot. Therefore, prices will be going up and delivery times will be longer it is that simple.  If you use a broker have a back up plan. Hope this helps