Summer Time Is Coming To An End

I know summer time is getting close as some of my snowbirds call or e-mail looking to move their car in Sept. Most head down starting  in Oct. I probably have around 100 snowbird customers so each year it’s growing. My prices are not the cheapest in the business but not the most expensive either so I’m right in the middle I would say. I tell customers all the time when they call like this summer why in the world would you use a broker in Maryland, Texas etc if the price is 50-75 dollars cheaper even 100. If you have booked your flight and no one shows up to pick up your car your are screwed believe me it happens all the time. With me at least you can drop it off at my terminal or I can pick it up and that is one less worry for you. I can meet you and there will be a trust factor with each other. The out of state broker you listed with only cares about ONE THING there broker fee and there is no trust factor at all and if something happens forget about it you will be in trouble. I get this all the time from customers I got a quote 100 less and I tell them to come to this website and read the blog. I will never price match because I would hate to have a customer in a situation they have to leave and their car is still sitting in the driveway. I get a knot in my stomach if that happens as I feel bad.

Therefore, my prices are to move the car and that is always the way I will run my business you will not get me calling you back several times or sending you e-mail after e-mail telling why you should use my company, I do not bash other companies once you start getting quote after quote and talking with brokers this is what goes on in this business because these brokers live on their broker fee’s. LOOK ON ALL THESE OTHER COMPANIES WEBSITES AND SEE HOW MANY WRITE BLOGS AND IF THEY DO ARE THEY UP TO DATE. THIS SHOULD TELL YOU ABOUT A COMPANY AS THEY ARE TAKING TIME TO WRITE ABOUT TRANSPORT TOPICS.