What Is Auto Transport Bill Of Lading

What is  auto transport Bill of Lading.Bill of Lading (BOL) is often a term you find within auto transport and other freight style industries. The term talks about the means for which employees in the industry are able to track their daily movements. To explain in a more simplified manner:


A Bill of Lading can be broken down into two words. First we all know what a bill is. It is a piece of paper that outlines the costs for services or products rendered. Lading or lade is specific to the type of product or service. In a transport company it means “cargo loaded onto a ship or other form of transport.” So you see it is a pretty simple concept. Any time an item is shipped such as a vehicle a bill of lading must be filled out to signify what is being transported and for how much.

For auto transport companies the bill of lading is received when they get to the vehicle to load it on the trailer or carrier. It will tell the driver what to expect. They will know the exact destination, the time they must have it to you, and any other conditions that apply. By receiving the bill of lading the driver can verify with the company all of the information regarding the contract the consumer and company have agreed to. In this case a bill of lading is a document of identity.

The most important part of the Bill of Lading in the Auto Transport business is that it marks anything wrong with the car i.e dents, scratches, scraps etc before it it loaded onto the transport truck. You will get a copy of it on pick up and when they drop off the vehicle check to make sure there is no more damages on the vehicle. If there is damages please put them on the Bill of Lading (take pictures if you can). You must pay the driver the balance of the transport to get your car. Then contact the broker and discuss the issue with him. can help you with all your auto transport questions and needs