Terminal service

As the snowbirds get ready to head home for the spring a couple things I have learned over the years. Terminals are very important to my business. In the spring there is about 2.5 months everyone is trying to get home and the traffic is a mess. A driver can tell a customer he is 2 hours way but he hits traffic and it could be 6 hours. Therefore, if it is in the afternoon he has to come at night and can’t really inspect your car so it isn’t fair to anyone. In addition, the customer wasted a whole day waiting for him and now it is on to the next day and who know what can happen. Therefore, using one of my 12 terminal is the best way to go. All you have to do is drive to the terminal on the way to the airport or a day before and check in your car under American Transport. They will do a BOL Bill of lading and give you a copy, so when you get home you can use it to check your vehicle. No wasting days sitting waiting for carriers or calling me 5 times that day wondering what time etc. I will pay for the storage but to and from the terminal /airport the customer has to pay. It gets to crazy in the past on who is paying what etc. I have never had a problem with any of these terminal listed here. So enjoy the stress free of waiting for carrier and enjoy your last couple of days. Copy and paste the link for a list of terminals