Snowbird Season Is here

Yes, Easter has gone by and a number of my customers are heading back to cold weather yes we got about 5 inches of snow on April 4th and it was cold. Prices are starting to go a lot higher the last week or so. Remember the lowest quote is always the best as your car might sit or you will get a bait and switch with the broker asking for more money. That is only the start. What happen if there is damage to your vehicle and the broker is in Florida. Do you know how to start a claim. Seems like most brokers  are interested in getting your credit card and charging it as soon as possible to get there fee, but if something happens to your vehicle you will not be able to get in touch with them take my word. They will give you the carriers number and he will never get back to you as a claim on his cargo policy will increase his rates. The broker will want no part of you if anything goes bad. Just keep that in mind as you are searching around on the internet.