Transport Reviews Website The Truth

A lot of people go to this website to find out about companies. I’m amaze how many people get a quote and say the company is great. Believe me a lot of these post are fake. They have friends write them or the company does it. If these companies are so good why are they not on the BBB and pay a monthly fee to follow their standards. If you do a little research and just don’t take the lowest quote you will see. Take the company on transport reviews and look them up on the BBB. They are probably not even a member to make matters worse they have several complaints on them so what is wrong with this picture. They have all these good reviews (Transport reviews) and can’t pay 35.00 dollars month to follow the BBB standards. Come on someone is trying to pull a fast one on the customer.


Here is an example of auto transport 123. They have a lot of good reviews on but look there BBB site. So please use caution when using the transportreviews website. Cut and paste these links