Transport of Vehicle to Florida

Snowbird season is here and tons of cars are heading south. We are busy and just want to run a couple of things by everyone. The transport down to Florida takes time it not like we load 10 cars and drive straight to Florida. These cars have to be position just right because each axle on the truck has a weight limit. At the weight station there is a scale which measure each axle and if you are overweight they will fine you or make sure pull over and switch the load. That is just one of the issues and there are several more that people just don’t realize.

Just think about how long it is to drive your vehicle and times that by 10 driving a 10 car carrier with 30 tons of freight it takes time.  I tell all my customers the pick up and delivery times are estimated only. This past we one of the hydraulic went while loading a car.  We had to order a part and took a day to get it and the mechanic put it in so 2 days where lost. It’s not like we have a another truck in our back pocket these things cost 80k. When the truck left it made it to Florida in a couple of days but he was pulling out o Walmart in Orlando and some senior citizens talking on her phone crash into the back of the trailers and been the rim on the wheel we had to replace the rim and tire. As you can see things do happen and people have to understand this.

I just want people to understand what is involved and carriers can’t give you an exact date and time that your vehicle will be dropped off or pick up. This is not like a doctor’s appt where you set a time. I tell customers all the time keep your cell phone with you and go about your business for the day. When the driver calls you meet him if you are busy then we have to wait. I’m not saying go to Disney world for the day and be a couple hours away but use common sense as you know a vehicle is coming. If you want your vehicle there in time ship it to one of my terminals 2 and half weeks before.