Why use a local broker or carrier

I always wonder why people choose a broker they know nothing about. They get a cheap quote and the broker actually salesperson that is all they are most of them have no idea how the industry works they will tell you everything you want to hear. They answers an ad in their local paper i.e. craigslist (mostly florida) has tons of brokers with the opportunity to make 800-1000 dollars a week which is NOT TRUE. They make 35% of the broker fee which is between 125-150 so you have to close a lot of deals and that isn’t happening.

The reason for this blog is to use someone local if your car gets damages i.e small dents and new scratches from unloading or loading how do you proceed. That broker job is done once a carrier has been assigned and if they are in Florida, Chicago or California do you really thing they are going to help. You will be playing phone tag with the broker, carrier insurance people etc nothing will get done. Are you going to go to small claims court and take them to court for a 150-200 fix most of the contracts you have a legal clause as following ” Any legal actions must be brought in the jurisdiction of the carrier or brokers home” I don’t need to say anymore you are not going to waste your time or money well over 1,000 dollars to start it.

To get this far first you have to get all the insurance information on the carrier most people have no idea how to even get this, as the broker is suppose to help you but most of them are too busy trying to get new loads and your vehicle is a thing of the past. Remember the salesperson works on commission so talking to you they are not making in money. I don’t need to say anymore more on this topic also,


The most important thing to remember when the VEHICLE IS DROPPED OFF before you sign the Bill of lading any damages you see must be written on the Bill of lading. Once you sign the paper it relieves the carrier/driver of any responsibility of damages to the vehicle. If it is dropped off at night. Tell the driver you can’t see it and write STI on BOL (subject to inspection) in the morning. You still have to pay the driver at drop off for the vehicle transport.

I currently have 8 mobile auto body companies I use in florida. If there are damages please take pictures and send them to me. I will get an estimate from the company and work is usually done within a few days. Mostly minor dents and scratches can be taken care of very easy.