When do I Give My Broker A Credit Card

This is a question you can only answer. I only charge the credit card when the vehicle is on the truck. A lot of brokers once they assign a carrier will charge your card,or once you place the order. This is not good as a lot of Broker have a little writing in their contract saying if you cancel a 50 charge, or if you don’t cancel within 48 hrs the deposit is ours even if we don’t get a carrier. If a broker ask you for half or a 300 dollar deposit keep going no way they should be asking for that amount.

Brokers contract are very complex and if you don’t find a honest broker you could be out the deposit. You can do a chargeback on your credit card but that takes a lot of time and effort that a lot of people don’t have the time for. A lot of brokers will just refund the deposit if the carrier doesn’t come through. These trucks do break down or something else happens if this business for often then you would think. The bottem  line use a broker that you can go and visit. A lot of these guys workout of their home or a giant warehouse (Florida brokers) just trying to get your contract they are salespeople and really have no idea how the business works most are gone with 3 months or the company is gone in less then 2 years. The reason why most companies go under is that they have too many chargebacks and the credit card company cancels them. It happens a lot in this business.


Also, if you pay the full amount by credit card I have to charge 3% extra because the credit card companies charge me 3% so it adds up after awhile.