Alot of people use this website to checkout auto transport companies. I just want to explain how the website works and to use it as one of your tools to find a company. First customer can post reviews good or bad about a company on their experience using them. Companies that advertise or pay to be on the site get special treatment. I saw it happen first hand last fall. A customer called me looking to move their car from Las Vegas, NV to Boston, Mass as their son was returning home. They listed with a company and that company told them they are hundreds of trucks. First of all any company with hundreds of trucks is not going to be on as they have national acct. Anyways, the vehicle was listed for 900 which was way too low I told him 1200 was probably going to move it. I told him to cancel the order and list it with me and write up a review on transportreviews about the company liaring to them saying they already had a truck assign to get it. The company was only a broker so had NO TRUCKS WAS LIARNG TO THE CUSTOMER.

The customer wrote a review about the company which I saw posted withn 3 hours the post was removed. The company was paying to advertise on the website I say about 200-250 dollars a month was going to the company they handles the reviews. How do you think the website makes money on advertising, so they want to keep this company so they removed the bad review. If you think about it that makes sense as they keep the company and they had good feedback so it is a win/win for both. I then went to look them up on the BBB (Better Business Bureau) they had over 100 complaints on them. How can they both be off by so much. I just explained it above.  In addition, you can see it they are a carrier or broker see below my company American Transport. I tried to cut and paste it but didn’t work

here is a link to my page.

If you look at the FMCSA info a broker will only be active if they are a carrier the common and contract with also so active. If they are both all of them will be active.

How long they have been in business is another great tool. A lot of these broker are gone in a year or so. It is always best to use someone local if you can find someone.


Door To Door or Terminal

When transporting a Auto, most Auto Transporter companies give the option of either picking up or dropping off your Auto right at your front door, or picking up the Auto and dropping it off at a nearby terminal. The convenience of door-to-door Auto Shipping generally comes with a higher price tag than dropping off and picking up your Auto at a terminal. The biggest issue with door-to-door Auto Shippers service is that you have to be available when the driver is in town. One of the positives of dropping at a terminal, you can drop off and pick up your Auto when you are ready. One of the biggest complaints about terminals is damage. Having your Auto on a busy lot increases the chance of Vehicle Shipper damages. If you can make yourself available then we would always recommend door-to-door Auto Transport over terminal. Newenglandtoflorida can offer both terminal and door to door service

Higher Barriers to Entry for Auto Transport Brokers

freight If you’ve ever tried getting your car shipped, then you know that the competition is fierce. And while competition isn’t a bad thing per se, it certainly can be in some contexts. Case in point is the auto transport industry. There are over 1,000 active auto transport brokers in the US, and the vast majority of them are less than a year old. The reason why there are so many brokers is because the barriers to entry in this field (namely a $10,00 surety bond) are relatively low. But changes in the regulation of freight brokeraging now require brokers to hold  a substantially higher bond, which should have the effect of pushing out some of the smaller, less experienced, and, dare I say, less professional brokers. Other costs of operation will increase as well, putting the squeeze on the smaller guys. So as a customer, you can expect a more friendly and professional sales experience, which is certainly a welcome change. The change was made Oct 1, 2013. However, FMCSA gave a 2 month grace period so as of Dec 1, 2013 everyone had to have the 75K bond in place. This was do to the massive fraud that was happening in the industry to customers and also carriers. American Transport is both a carrier and broker.


Higher Barriers to Entry for Auto Transport Brokers

What is the process if there is damage to my vehicle upon delivery?

auto damageWhat is the process if there is damage to my vehicle upon delivery?

Please call the offices of American Transport immediately. In most cases, we have only 30 days to file a claim and if not reported to us within 30 days we cannot offer assistance or be held responsible for any damage that might have occurred.

Additionally, you must clearly indicate any resulting damage that occurred during shipping on the “Bill of Lading” or delivery receipt issued by the driver at the time of delivery.

Basic Auto Transport Industry Rules

1. NEVER choose a company based only on having the lowest quote (a quote is not always the price)

2. IGNORE companies who tell you that they “Have a driver or truck in your area” or “One spot left on the truck due to a last-minute cancellation” when you have no official order with them (these are just gimmicks to get you to call them and it is not an honest statement. Does it make sense that a broker really looked for a driver for your car already, before ever talking to you or getting your information? or that truck drivers are just standing by waiting around the corner?)

3. AVOID companies that claim to have their own trucks or say that they are “Family Owned and Operated” (Those are just ploys and if they offer “Nationwide” shipping they are ALWAYS a Broker and contracting carriers for you exactly like the next company, the key is to hire an honest one who protects your interests!)


5. DO YOUR RESEARCH by checking and CAREFULLY.


These are Basic Auto Transport Industry Rules

What Is A National Board

auto dispatchMost transport companies use a National Board to connect with carriers and brokers. This board provides key information on the market  conditions like current rates, the supply and demand of trucks and vehicles moving in a particular area and much more info required to give customers a great service. At American Transport we are proud of our specialized service unlike many other companies, American Transport work does not end on the national board, it starts there. We will contact every pre-approved carrier from our extensive carrier’s list working a  particular route until we find, negotiate and schedule your job. There is no better way.

Where to Find Home Relocation and Auto Transport

Where to Find Home Relocation and Auto Transport

American Transport doesn’t support any particular relocation service, but there are several places on the net where you can evaluate companies for yourself. If your employer does not endorse a particular firm, we recommend that you use a site like Mover Reviews. But when it comes to auto transport, of course you’ll find that  American transport is simply the best!

If you’re interested in moving a car in conjunction with a home relocation, give us a call at (508) 450-5564 today and mention this post for a discounted rate!

5 Easy Tips to Improve your Auto Transport Experience

You asked for it, and we delivered. Here it is…a simple list of 5 tips that can improve your auto transport experience exponentially. Without further ado, here they are!: 5 Easy tips to improve your auto transport experience

  • Don’t Go For the Cheapest Quote!
  • This is something that far too many people go for. If you go for a cheap quote, you’re probably going to get burned. The problem is that anyone can give you a cheap quote, but no one can get you cheap auto transport. It’s expensive and you get what you pay for
  • Always Check Out the Credentials of an Auto Transport Company
  • This is pretty straightforward. It’s also a standard for smart shopping of any type. Always make sure that the people you work with are reputable.
  • Be Reasonable With Your Expectations
  • Understand that auto transport involves some heavy duty logistical planning. It’s not easy to plan routes, and when things go wrong it can delay transport by a couple of hours.
  • Figure Out What Kind of Service You Need Before Booking
  • Figuring out what you need before you book is going to save you from a bunch of time and money. Get all your ducks in a row before you book! Cancellations can be expensive, and so can rescheduling a transport.
  • Choose your Route Carefully
  • Just because an auto transport company offers ‘door to door’ transport doesn’t mean your vehicle needs to be shipped directly to your door. You can choose any door you like for shipping, and in many cases making a slight adjustment can save you hundreds of dollars. Here’s an example. Say I live in Manhattan and I want to ship a car to myself. If I send it right to my apartment in Harold Square, it’s going to cost me about $1,000. If i try to ship the same car to Newark, however, it’ll only cost $800! Be smart about your route!

The Car Transport Industry Is Full Of Crooks.

I always get this question that the car industry is full of crooks. The reason before was simple was easy to get a broker bond.The car transport industry isn’t heavily regulated (alot better now 75,000 bond is required now use to be 10,000), granted, but it is regulated to an extent and there have been independent safeguards put into place to prevent car transport companies from cheating their customers out of their money. We won’t say that those scam artists don’t exist – unfortunately, due to the regulatory nature of the industry, not all car transport companies are legitimate. However, it’s pretty easy to tell who’s legit and who’s not. For starters, never book with the first company that you find – chances are they aren’t the best company for you. Instead, try and gather as many different car transport quotes from as many different companies as you can – we recommend at least eight, but ten to twelve is best. That way, you can make side-by-side comparisons between quotes and come to a decision.Therefore, the car transport industry isn’t full of crooks if you do a little homework.

Always try and book with a local company and meet with broker/carrier if possible. Please contact American Transport with questions or to book a orde how do I pay, and what types of payments do you accept

credit card and newenglandtofloridaHere at we take all kinds of payments. Usually we take a credit card(visa, master card and american express) or check via phone for the deposit once the vehicle is loaded on the truck and secure. This amount is usually between 75-150. The balance us usually paid at drop off in the form of a money order, bank check or cash sorry no personal checks accept. Also, you can pay in full at the time of pick up instead of drop off to you are the one paying for the transport.


All other forms of payment must be approved by first.