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Companies Reviews

With the internet comes a lot of misinformation. I will start off with companies reviews. Believe it or not most companies right there own reviews with technology today it can be done very easy. Think about it how many times do you get an e-mail asking for a review on a company. A lot of […]

Snowbird Season

As the season is in full swing  i have received a few phone calls from new customers looking to move there car to Florida. In talking with them they all mention they got lower quotes from this online brokers and there is ton of them. I was 100-200 prices high in some cases. What i […]

Fall/Winter Season 2020

As we enter the 2020 season for customers heading south for the winter a couple of things. The last 5 months with Covid 19 has been a change for everyone in business and for everyone in general.  Usually around this time I start getting calls for students going to college in Florida which I started […]

Spring Season 2020

As we all adjust to Covid-19 right now things are changing everywhere. may used to be the busy month but this year it is June. It looks like things are starting to open up and airlines are flying again. In addition, the number of cars on centraldispatch (auto hauler website) has increase a lot the […]

The Broker Fee and Carriers During High Traffic Times

As we enter the Holiday season I just want customers to be aware of a few things.  When the broker gives you a price off the internet it is usually a low one just in line with other brokers as they all go against each other. They posted it on centraldispatch.com say for 650.00 and […]

Season Starting

With the season right around the corner please be careful when you select an auto transport company. The prices have started to increase already heading south.   There are a number of cars heading south and very few carriers. If you decide to use a broker please be careful as your car may never get picked […]

Dog Days Of Summer

I hope everyone is enjoying the summer. Just got back from Macro Island for summer vacation with the family. I can see why everyone comes back for the summer:) I will be sending out my e-mail list for this upcoming season to all my regular customers. If you are thinking about shipping this year make […]

Carriers Insurance

As everyone is getting ready to make the trip home this spring a couple of things to keep in mind. The quotes you are getting are mostly from Brokers. All they do is posted in on a board and wait for a carrier to call to take it. Brokers just work on broker fee which […]

Spring Season Return

  The time is getting near as thousands of snowbirds will be heading back up north from Florida. It happens every year tons of cars and not enough carrier to move them. I tell my customer it usually take a little longer to get your car in the spring. This is because the supply of […]